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Styleware is an Australian lifestyle company launched in 2021 by Perth couple Arabella and Matthew Selby. Curators of design in their own lives, they embraced the opportunity to create their own Australian brand, focused on the combination of beauty and function in the everyday. With the full line in development, they debut with the Styleware Nesting Bowls Collection.

"We started Styleware, because we wanted to design the bowl we didn’t have. It had to look good enough to bring around to a friend’s for a swanky little dinner party but be functional enough (aka light and snap tight) to carry to work everyday. It had to be long-lasting and not create more waste. And, we had to love it! It was super important that — every time we popped open the cupboard —  it made us smile.

But, we wanted one bowl that did all of those things.

We partnered with local designers to develop the perfect marriage of form and function in our bowls, with nods to our Scandinavian and minimalist aesthetic. More than anything, however, they were inspired by our own inside-outside lifestyle. In other words, we made the bowls for Australians. And, we made them in Australia, too".

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