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Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater

Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater

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No Aggressive Red Light - Produces a very ambient modest light

HEATSCOPE® Spot radiant heaters produce a subtle orange glow which is only 30-40% of the light output of the traditional radiant heaters. The reduced light output is due to the use of a color matching grill screen in front of the satin surface carbon heating elements that can be either a black or white. They are midwave radiant heaters that produce heat almost instantly (less than 15 seconds) and are ideal for providing heat to outdoor areas such as partially open patios or balconies.

L 884mm [34.8in]W 184mm [7.2in]H 78mm [3.1in]

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